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At Nomura Real Estate Urban Net Co., Ltd. (“the Company”), we recognize that protecting and appropriately managing your personal information is an important social obligation. We hereby declare our commitment to the appropriate handling and protection of your personal information.

If at any time you are not satisfied with our compliance with this privacy statement published on our website, please contact us by using this enquiry form at or at the enquiry desk detailed below.

1. Collection of and Purposes for Using Personal Information

We will obtain personal information by legitimate and fair means, and publish, notify and disclose the purposes for using personal information. We will never use personal information beyond the scope of the original purposes of use without obtaining your consent. Personal information collected from you will be used to respond to your enquiry, etc. Additional information directly or indirectly obtained from you may be added to your personal information collected via our website. In such cases as well, we will never use the information for purposes other than those specified in this statement. In addition, personal information collected from you will be deleted once six months have passed from when we last used such information to respond to your enquiry, etc.

2. Disclosure of Personal Information to a Third Party

We may disclose your personal information to a third party in the following cases:

When your consent is obtained for the disclosure of personal information.
When the disclosure of personal information is permitted or required by laws and regulations.
When the disclosure of personal information is required to protect individuals’ life, health or assets, and when it is difficult to obtain your consent.
When the disclosure of personal information is especially required to improve public health or promote children's healthy development, and when it is difficult to obtain your consent.
When the disclosure of personal information is required to cooperate with a national or local public organization or a person entrusted by such an organization to perform operations specified by laws and regulations, and when obtaining your consent might interfere with the performance of such operations.

3. Measures for Safety Management of Personal Information

We properly and carefully manage your personal information. To prevent unauthorized access, loss, alteration or leakage of personal information, we take the following necessary and appropriate safe management measures:

We conduct reasonable and appropriate safety measures against unauthorized access to personal information and other risks such as the loss, destruction, alteration and leakage of personal information by implementing technical and physical safeguards.
We commit ourselves to the appropriate management of personal information by designating a personal information administrator to each division that handles personal information.
We establish internal rules on information security and ensure that all of our employees thoroughly understand the rules.

4. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption

This website uses SSL encryption as a security measure to protect the safety of any personal information you provide. Please ensure that your computer settings (browser settings and internet connectivity settings) are SSL compatible, if you wish to use the SSL technology.

5. Access log

Information on individuals accessing this website is recorded in the form of access logs. This access log contains information on the accessing individual including its IP address, type of browser used, domain name, time of access and the number of times access was made. We use access logs to analyze this website’s security management, operation status and usage status and to improve our services offered through the website.

6. Cookies

This website uses cookies. Cookies are small data files used by web servers to send data to your computer. We may use information collected using cookies in relation to the webpages you have visited, together with information that can personally identify you, as information about you. This website uses cookies to manage sessions and collect statistical data. You can prepare your browser settings such that it warns you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to accept or reject it. Please be aware, however, that when you choose to reject cookies, this choice may limit the functionality of our website and you may lose access to some of its features. In addition, some computer operating systems (browser settings and network systems) cannot reject cookies.

7. Use of Web Beacons

Web beacons (otherwise referred to as clear GIFs) are tiny electronic images embedded in a webpages or HTML emails. We may use information collected using web beacons in relation to your webpage viewings, together with information that can personally identify you, as information about you. We use these information in order to provide you with more accurate information according to your preference, as well as to improve our services and collect statistical data.

8. Links to Other Websites

We accept no responsibility for the handling of personal information at other websites to which links may be posted from our website (including banner advertisements and sponsored links). If you visit any of these websites, we recommend that you review the privacy policy or terms and conditions of those sites before disclosing your personal information.

9. Procedures for the Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information

We will promptly respond to your request concerning the disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. of your personal information based on our internal procedures determined separately.

* Further information on making request to disclose, etc. the “Retained Personal Data” in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

10. Changes to this Privacy Statement

We may review and change this Privacy Statement as necessary in order to improve the protection of personal information or when it is so required by laws and regulations. We will notify any changes to you by publishing them on our website for a certain period of time.

11. In case of any comment or enquiry regarding the handling of personal information by this website, please contact us at the enquiry desk below or by using the enquiry form :

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Nomura Real Estate Urban Net Co., Ltd.
Personal Information Enquiry Desk
26th Floor, Shinjuku Nomura Building, 1-26-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
For enquiries by telephone, please call the number below (Global Sales Team).
* The enquiry desk is open weekdays between 10AM and 5PM (except public holidays).