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Our Service

Responding to diverse needs of our clients around the world in formulating real estate strategies as the “Best Real Estate Partner”

We aim to support a wide range of our clients’ needs with promptness and precision. Corresponding to the current market, we support our clients’ corporate and financial strategies to seek effective utilization of real estate, and also assist in the selling of investment properties; thus providing the optimum solution within today’s diverse market.

Real Estate Sales

Aiming for the brokerage of real estate in their greatest value, we insure total support from research and appraisal of properties; offering proposals for methods of property sale; upon purchase of property, searching to selection process, involving various adjustments, and the actual signing of contract to payment and settlement procedures.

Purchase of Real Estate

Gather property information through our nationwide network, conduct study and analysis to provide the properties that best meet our customers’ needs. Assist with contract process and delivery of property.

Support of Trust Beneficiary Rights in Real Estate

With a compliance structure based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the diverse information network achieved through our business performance allows us to provide our customers with speedy and accurate service.

Real Estate Solutions for Expansion of Business Operations and Business Revitalization

With our nationwide network and rich source of business experience, we are able to provide thorough, strategically planned proposals for real estate utilization of needs ranging from business operation expansion to property disposition.

Proposals for Effective Utilization of Real Estate

We provide our customers with the business plan that best suits their needs--on how to effectively utilize idle land with accurate evaluation based on its location and unique characteristics. Profitability is also calculated by simulation based on proposals for recombination of asset.

Due Diligence

Fully utilizing the accumulated information from our experience in real estate brokerage, we are able to make a comprehensive analysis and decision on the legal risks, liquidity risk and risks pertaining to environmental pollution. Through this, accurate value assessment corresponding to the changing market is made.